Who to Follow on Twitter for French-English Translators

Who would have thought that Twitter would become a great tool for improving your language skills? No matter your language pairs, there are dozens of accounts you can follow to help strengthen your vocabulary, grammar, and translation abilities. If you translate to/from English or French and aren’t following these accounts, you’re missing out! Here are my seven favorite FR-EN translation-related Twitter accounts (in no particular order):


Dictée Larousse (@DicteeLarousse)
Dictée Larousse is a joint endeavor between Larousse and Projet Voltaire that allows you to practice your French spelling with the help of the notorious dictée (dictation), of French middle school infamy. Each dictée is held live at 9:00 a.m. CET, so maybe not the most convenient time for those of us in North America, but you can watch the clip later and read up on all of the spelling traps the authors set.


The Guardian Style Guide (@guardianstyle)
The Guardian Style Guide, though it has not been very active in 2017, tweets about English style and language issues (and obviously focuses a great deal on articles from The Guardian newspaper) with other great tweets on news, culture, and politics in the English-speaking world.


Le Monde correct (@LeMonde_correct)
Le Monde correct is run by the copy editors at Le Monde and tweets useful tips on style, spelling, and faux amis, as well as articles on language, French politics, and much more.


Le Robert (@LeRobert_com)
Of all of the French dictionaries on Twitter, Le Robert is the most active. Read tweets on the etymology of French words, biographical nuggets about great French authors, fun and rare words and expressions, and other funny French language tidbits.


Anglocom (@anglais)
This handle belongs to French and English translation agency Anglocom, based in Quebec City. According to Grant Hamilton, Anglocom’s founder, its tweets were originally meant for sharing translation pitfalls and errors found by his internal team with everyone in the office. Today, we can all benefit from their finds. Each tweet is a little gem of FR<>EN translation wisdom.


François Lavallée [Magistrad] (@Magistrad_Plus)
Much like @anglais, the Twitter account of François Lavallée, the famed translator and translation author whose books you surely read if you have taken a postsecondary FR<>EN translation course, also offers tips, tricks, and clever solutions for French<>English translation issues.


Merriam Webster (@MerriamWebster)
The Twitter account of Merriam-Webster, the official unofficial dictionary of US English,  posts great content about the English language, odd and interesting words, and great analyses of search trends spurred by current events (“complicit” was a particularly good one recently). It also features a word of the day that is fun and informative for native speakers and learners alike.

What other accounts do you follow for French <> English translation tips and tricks, or to improve your French and English language skills? Let everyone know by leaving a comment or tweet it to me at @Bentranslates.



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